At Edu-Fun Nursery we believe that all children develop independence through a child centred loving and caring environment. Our Nursery provides the children with experiences that challenge our children and their curiosity to learn. At Edu-Fun Nursery we recognise that all the children gain new and wonderful learning experiences through play and gentle teacher guidance.

Parents receive a monthly overview on what we will be covering with the children; and what the ‘Theme of Learning’ will be for the month. We also send out a Coming Events letter for each month to inform parents of special events or fields trips. Photos of the children taking part in class activities or any events will be posted on Facebook (with permission). Our Parents are always eager and pleased to see their child taking part in activities and field trips.

Communication Book:

Each child receives a Communication Book. We believe that communication between parents and teachers is an essential part of your child’s learning. The purpose of the Communication Book is to facilitate daily communication between the nursery teacher and individual parents.  Each teacher will place a weekly insert on what the child will be learning and what the class activities will be.  The teacher will also write a short comment on your child’s progress, behaviour and upcoming nursery events. We also encourage parents to read and sign the book every time it is sent home.  We also welcome parents to add comments.


Each child has their own portfolio which will be sent home at the end of the Academic year. Each child’s portfolio consists of the child’s work and progress and social development from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

The portfolio is sent home to help you develop an understanding of your child’s learning and how they are currently progressing.

We ask parents to take time to read and look through the portfolio with their child and to discuss the pieces of work and ask the child questions about their learning. We encourage parents to praise their child for all the wonderful work samples.

We believe that successful learning requires the parents and nursery to take a positive interest in the child’s learning by supporting and celebrating their successes.

We are working on instilling in the children, a sense of satisfaction, pride and developing a positive self- image about feeling proud with their progress. Therefore we ask that parents reward their child with positive attention and verbal praise, rather than with a purchased reward.


Parents Involvement

Stay & Play Sessions:

The purpose of the session is to give parents an opportunity to share with their child some of the experiences they have within the nursery. It enables the children to show off their learning spaces to their parents and to enjoy sometime within the nursery.

During this time parents are able to play with their child at a range of activities.  The practioners will use this time to show  what the child has been learning and share observations.  This is also a chance for parents to share things with the practitioners that their child has been doing at home.  Edu Fun Nursery recognise that many parents work and cannot stay every day, but we invite you to stay as often as you can.  We want to work in partnership with parents and stay and play is one of our key ways of doing this. 

The sessions start at 9:00am till 9:30am.

Monthly Workshops:

Edu Fun Nursery encourages our dear parents to be involved in their child's learning thus engaging workshops are provided monthly for parents to gain more knowledge and skills on different topics for their child's development.

Home Visits:

Before a child starts at the Nursery the class team will visit parents and their child at home.  This is a chance for the class team to meet the parents and the child and find out about their preferences and routines.  This will support the child in settling into our nursery.  It also allows the child to begin to get to know the staff in their home environment.  Home visits are optional and not compulsory.